Boden EBay – how well do Mini Boden Clothes sell on Ebay?

I sometimes wonder why don’t Boden EBay buyers just shop at Boden in the first place! I have often seen sale items there selling for inflated prices. Yes I love the great resale value of Boden as seller especially Mini Boden and how easy peasy it is to resale.

Mini Boden is great quality and washes well.I can let my rough & tumble little guy wear and be assured that the clothes will wash and wear so well that many of his clothes continue to look almost new even after a number of wearings. Despite this I still don’t understand why some people pay really high inflated prices on ebay when they could simply get the items cheaper in the sales or use discount codes.

EBay is great when you’re selling Boden, be sure to accurately describe its condition and any wear or flaws it might have. When buyers are paying top-money for a popular brand they want to be sure they’re getting what they pay for! Like-new items should be just that….maybe washed and worn once. Excellent used condition items should be worn only a few times with no visible wear.

For buying do your homework first, just don’t buy because its on Ebay so it will cheap.

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