Boden Jewellery -yay or nay?

It’s one section I rarely visit, that is the Boden fine jewellery Boden online section. Last time I looked the jewellery looked a bit more chunky and mumsy and hardly anything I liked. This British themed range, made from sterling silver, features delicate necklaces and bracelets inspired by nature! I am slowly changing my mind now and I should have a Boden piece of jewellery soon as there are quite a few pieces I am coveting.  These are some piece I am currently coveting;

Boden Daisy Bracelet 

Boden Leaf Cluster Pendant (Silver)

Boden Charm Bracelet (Silver)

Boden Strawberry Heart Charm (Silver)

Boden Spotty Welly Charm (Violet Spot)

Boden London Bus Charm (Silver)

View the entire Boden Fine Jewellery range here>>

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