Boden London Shop in Hanger Green – where is it?

boden london store

Right, if you have heaps of time, I will explain letter how you can get the best of both world by shopping for Boden online and going to their store. More on that later

The Boden shop is in Hanger Green, London is the original Boden store but location is one of the most inconvenient places possible and its not as nice as the other Boden Walton-on-Thames.

Assuming you have that time to get there, it can be a little strange to see all of the things from the catalogue in a real shop. Everything was laid out really nicely but couldn’t help feel it all looked a bit mumsy when shop is all Boden-y. I would however recommend it to anyone who is unsure of colours, because they are never the same as the book/internet. I was actually really shocked how different some of the items looked.

Now for those with time to visit Boden London shop this is how I would do it. Go in and make your mind on what you like and try the clothes and note sizing then come on here to get the best voucher code and order it online.

View more details on the Boden London Shop here>>

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