Boden Maternity Wear – the perfect maternity jeans?

I remember when I was pregnant, Boden kept sending me letters asking why I had not ordered for 8 months and 23 days. I felt like writting back and saying it is because I am up the duff and because you don;t sell materntiy wear, that is why I am not buying anything from you for the past 40 weeks.

Seems they must have got my message via telepathy?

Now with all the usual cream teas, lollipop ladies, Pimms, Morris dancers, stiff upper lips and…Boden. That is why I am pleased that they have launched a maternity collection with pretty dresses, stylish everyday tops and well designed, affordable maternity jeans and leggings. Boden have added their signature cheerful colours and prints to the maternity horizon. Hurrah for lashings and lashings of good clean Boden style coming to a bump near you.

The Boden maternity jeans look very comfortable and flattering on a growing figure.

View the entire Boden Maternity Collection here

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