Boden Town Hall Clearance Sale 2011 – 2012 – should you go to this Boden Outlet?

There is a Boden townhall sale near you and you are still unsure if it is worth braving the crowds.

My answer: Its Horrendous, dont go, the bargains aren’t really worth it. I love Boden and went to one of these Townhall sales.

Even though I got there an hour early there was already a horrendous queue outside and inside it was a good half hour to pay. The place was packed, with clothes disappearing straight away, there were literally no decent clothes left at all within a couple of minutes. The staff were tipping out more and more bags of stock, all the time and attempting to sort it into some kind of size order and category, but the problem is that as they are tipping out and sorting the bags, there is an immediate feeding frenzy and stuff gets muddled up.

They Boden Townhall sales aren’t for the faint hearted (certainly not for me). If you are still detemined on going here are some tips to help you;
-sharpen your elbows you go and prepare for bunfights.
-get there early ( at least hours before) and be prepared for traffic as it’s not unusual for Boden town hall sales to clogging up the whole traffic in the whole town
-have a list of what you want and just grab everything as fast as you can and then sort out later what you don’t want

Though I love Boden – Town Hall clearance are just too much hassle for clothes. I wonder if these attract lots of ebay resellers who just grab whatever they find in whatever size they find.

If you wan’t bargains its best to wait for the sales (though the website crashes too) or use discount vouchers which are almost always available.

Up to 60% Off Boden Winter Sale

I am glad to tell you that the winter sale is now up to 60%.  New lines have been added.  Yippee!!



If that isn’t enough and you want something hot off the new season – READ ON!


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Happy Shopping!


Have you been to the Boden Town Hall Clearance? Please tell us what you think.

One thought on “Boden Town Hall Clearance Sale 2011 – 2012 – should you go to this Boden Outlet?”

  1. I went to the Guildford one, it is cheaper to buy online. Same prices as in the sale minus the 10-20% discount that is standard. Not really an outlet.

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