Boden Walton-on-Thames Shop in Surrey – where is it?

boden walton

Boden Walton on Thames store is second and much nicer Boden shop. The London one isn’t as pleasing as this one so if you really have to go into Boden then head to Walton on Thames in Surrey. It is large with a good selection of clothing. It’s on two floors, women’s downstairs and kid’s upstairs.

Walton is a nice town with a good selection of shops. There’s also Kew next door and Costa Coffee nearby if those are your sort of things.

Assuming you have that time to get there, go in and make your mind on what you like and try the clothes and note sizing and colours then come on here to get the best voucher code and order it online. NEVER PAY BODEN FULL PRICE.

Learn more on Boden Walton shop here>>

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