Boden EBay – how well do Mini Boden Clothes sell on Ebay?

I sometimes wonder why don’t Boden EBay buyers just shop at Boden in the first place! I have often seen sale items there selling for inflated prices. Yes I love the great resale value of Boden as seller especially Mini Boden and how easy peasy it is to resale.

Mini Boden is great quality and washes well.I can let my rough & tumble little guy wear and be assured that the clothes will wash and wear so well that many of his clothes continue to look almost new even after a number of wearings. Despite this I still don’t understand why some people pay really high inflated prices on ebay when they could simply get the items cheaper in the sales or use discount codes.

EBay is great when you’re selling Boden, be sure to accurately describe its condition and any wear or flaws it might have. When buyers are paying top-money for a popular brand they want to be sure they’re getting what they pay for! Like-new items should be just that….maybe washed and worn once. Excellent used condition items should be worn only a few times with no visible wear.

For buying do your homework first, just don’t buy because its on Ebay so it will cheap.

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Have a look here first for the latest Boden discount code where you can get up to 20% off or even 60% in the sales.

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Boden Maternity Wear – the perfect maternity jeans?

I remember when I was pregnant, Boden kept sending me letters asking why I had not ordered for 8 months and 23 days. I felt like writting back and saying it is because I am up the duff and because you don;t sell materntiy wear, that is why I am not buying anything from you for the past 40 weeks.

Seems they must have got my message via telepathy?

Now with all the usual cream teas, lollipop ladies, Pimms, Morris dancers, stiff upper lips and…Boden. That is why I am pleased that they have launched a maternity collection with pretty dresses, stylish everyday tops and well designed, affordable maternity jeans and leggings. Boden have added their signature cheerful colours and prints to the maternity horizon. Hurrah for lashings and lashings of good clean Boden style coming to a bump near you.

The Boden maternity jeans look very comfortable and flattering on a growing figure.

View the entire Boden Maternity Collection here

Boden Sale Date for 2017

When does Boden clearance sale start? This is not to be confused with mid season sale but the BIG Boden sales they do twice annually around July and December. Boden are a little coy in giving exact details but I have a formula that has worked but first do sign up below to make sure you’re the first to know about exact dates.

Generally the winter sale is second Friday in December, last year it started on Thursday the 9th at about 5pm. Which would be 10th……..though of course in the summer it started out of the blue on a Thursday afternoon after they’d advertised it as starting on the following morning

I am glad to tell you that the winter sale is now up to 60%.  New lines have been added.  Yippee!!



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Boden in Grazia and You

I have come across recent Boden offerings in the Press.

In The Fashion Special of You magazine

Boden Quilted Jacket
Borrowed from the boys then reinvented with a fitted, feminine shape and fun, spotty lining.

Boden was featured as a high end collection from high street heroes in the ‘Swish List’ in You magazine:

Boden Ribbon Trimmed Coat
This is the kind of coat that steps into your life once in a decade and makes you feel great, despite the gloom outside your window. The beautiful detail on the outside isn’t all, because it has an amazing printed lining. And to make it even more irresistible its mixed with a new wool cashmere blend. Seize the day.

Boden Cecily Dress £145.00 This dress will make you  smile on a miserable cold rainy day with its beautiful spots. These unstoppable specimens are sophisticated enough for day or night. You’ll find lots of signature Boden detail too, including silk trims at the neckline and a velvet trim beneath the bust.

  Grazia Boden Feature Trainers are a great casual alternative to flat boots as shown by this great leopard print pair from Boden: Fab Baseball Boots  £65.00 Boden is aiming for a slam dunk with the first ever high-tops in suede, patent and animal print.

Boden Jewellery -yay or nay?

It’s one section I rarely visit, that is the Boden fine jewellery Boden online section. Last time I looked the jewellery looked a bit more chunky and mumsy and hardly anything I liked. This British themed range, made from sterling silver, features delicate necklaces and bracelets inspired by nature! I am slowly changing my mind now and I should have a Boden piece of jewellery soon as there are quite a few pieces I am coveting.  These are some piece I am currently coveting;

Boden Daisy Bracelet 

Boden Leaf Cluster Pendant (Silver)

Boden Charm Bracelet (Silver)

Boden Strawberry Heart Charm (Silver)

Boden Spotty Welly Charm (Violet Spot)

Boden London Bus Charm (Silver)

View the entire Boden Fine Jewellery range here>>

Boden Skinny Jeans Reviews -yay or nay?

boden skinny jeans

Are Boden skinny jeans a nice fit and good quality you may be wonder?

I love them (well not all styles), they fit well & the quality is great. I hated the bootlegs as they go baggy on the thighs and just look a bit too dull. The skinny jeans and straight leg fit me very well and have one a couple of years old but are still going strong. The jeans do stretch a bit though so you may be better starting with a size down. Apart from that, they were a great style and plenty of colours to choose from. If you are smallish (up to size 12) go for the Johnnie B range, much cheaper than the main line.

View more on Boden skinny jeans here >>

Johnnie B Boden Clothing Range – what’s the sizing and quality like?

johnnie b range

Alright, wondering what the Johnnie B sizing is like? While this range is aimed at teenage boys and girls, there are some lucky ladies out there who can squeeze in the Johnnie B range. If you are an adult over 5’3 and a size 10+, you will surely struggle to fit in. The Johnnie B skinny jeans are rather small unless you want your legs look like overstuffed sausages. However a size 8 adult of 5’3 should fit well in 30L skinny jeans from the Johnnie B range.

This Johnnie B range just is classic in that it is a bit more Marthas Vineyard (not that Ive ever been there!!) and not for those teens who like the BIG logos and look like an advert for the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch or Jack Wills.

More here on Johnnie B range>>

Boden Town Hall Clearance Sale 2011 – 2012 – should you go to this Boden Outlet?

There is a Boden townhall sale near you and you are still unsure if it is worth braving the crowds.

My answer: Its Horrendous, dont go, the bargains aren’t really worth it. I love Boden and went to one of these Townhall sales.

Even though I got there an hour early there was already a horrendous queue outside and inside it was a good half hour to pay. The place was packed, with clothes disappearing straight away, there were literally no decent clothes left at all within a couple of minutes. The staff were tipping out more and more bags of stock, all the time and attempting to sort it into some kind of size order and category, but the problem is that as they are tipping out and sorting the bags, there is an immediate feeding frenzy and stuff gets muddled up.

They Boden Townhall sales aren’t for the faint hearted (certainly not for me). If you are still detemined on going here are some tips to help you;
-sharpen your elbows you go and prepare for bunfights.
-get there early ( at least hours before) and be prepared for traffic as it’s not unusual for Boden town hall sales to clogging up the whole traffic in the whole town
-have a list of what you want and just grab everything as fast as you can and then sort out later what you don’t want

Though I love Boden – Town Hall clearance are just too much hassle for clothes. I wonder if these attract lots of ebay resellers who just grab whatever they find in whatever size they find.

If you wan’t bargains its best to wait for the sales (though the website crashes too) or use discount vouchers which are almost always available.

Up to 60% Off Boden Winter Sale

I am glad to tell you that the winter sale is now up to 60%.  New lines have been added.  Yippee!!



If that isn’t enough and you want something hot off the new season – READ ON!


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Have you been to the Boden Town Hall Clearance? Please tell us what you think.