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Baby / Toddler Snowsuit – where can you get nice snowsuits for boys and girls?

Looking for a baby snowsuit last year was such a pain. Very limited and boring blue/pink/white colours in Mothercare and most high street shops. I didn’t really think Boden but they really do have some nice baby or toddler snowsuits especially if you like some nice ones in funky designs. I ended up with a nice a red striped one. The Boden all in one snowsuits are  nice, warm and snuggly.

Girls Mini Boden Baby Snowsuit

This is a lovely girls snow suit and the colours are gorgeous, with great quality and looks very snuggley!

Click here for more details on lovely girls snowsuit


Boys Mini Boden Baby Snowsuit

Warm fleece with a pure cotton jersey lining in the hood. Fleece lined showerproof snowsuit with an all-over print. Bigger sizes include detachable mitts and booties for easy dressing

View more details here on snuggly boys snowsuits

Mini Boden Baby Clothes – do they wash well?

Now and again it’s great spent a little at Mini-Boden to get baby some really luxe items.  The basics I used to always get her were a nice cardigan and a couple of dresses.  That is all £50 will get you a Mini-Boden Baby.  But I can attest the clothes are high quality and they last.  The cardigans at Mini Boden are gorgeous, soft and wash really well.

The retain their shape, color, and durability.  She can usually wear them for a couple of years…until she outgrows them. I would suggest sizing up if you want to be sure to have them through for a while although they may be a bit big now and the best bit is Mini Boden stuff sells pretty well on ebay once your baby has outgrown the clothes.

Here are some of my favourites:

Mini Boden Baby Girl Dresses
mini boden baby

This fun pocket pinafore dress is simply adorable and its also available in dark blue owl and pink apple options. They little dresses are absolutely gorgeous.

View more details here

Mini Boden Baby Girls Cardigan

This is a lovely super soft cardigan.  It will go with most clothes.

View more details here

Mini Boden Romper Set or Sleepsuits

View more details here

Mini Boden Changing Bag – I have looked around and Boden doesn’t sell these at the moment. You can however get a normal Boden oil cloth handbag should you really desire a Boden nappy bag.

View entire Mini Boden Baby gorgeous collection here>>

Boden Walton-on-Thames Shop in Surrey – where is it?

boden walton

Boden Walton on Thames store is second and much nicer Boden shop. The London one isn’t as pleasing as this one so if you really have to go into Boden then head to Walton on Thames in Surrey. It is large with a good selection of clothing. It’s on two floors, women’s downstairs and kid’s upstairs.

Walton is a nice town with a good selection of shops. There’s also Kew next door and Costa Coffee nearby if those are your sort of things.

Assuming you have that time to get there, go in and make your mind on what you like and try the clothes and note sizing and colours then come on here to get the best voucher code and order it online. NEVER PAY BODEN FULL PRICE.

Learn more on Boden Walton shop here>>

Boden London Shop in Hanger Green – where is it?

boden london store

Right, if you have heaps of time, I will explain letter how you can get the best of both world by shopping for Boden online and going to their store. More on that later

The Boden shop is in Hanger Green, London is the original Boden store but location is one of the most inconvenient places possible and its not as nice as the other Boden Walton-on-Thames.

Assuming you have that time to get there, it can be a little strange to see all of the things from the catalogue in a real shop. Everything was laid out really nicely but couldn’t help feel it all looked a bit mumsy when shop is all Boden-y. I would however recommend it to anyone who is unsure of colours, because they are never the same as the book/internet. I was actually really shocked how different some of the items looked.

Now for those with time to visit Boden London shop this is how I would do it. Go in and make your mind on what you like and try the clothes and note sizing then come on here to get the best voucher code and order it online.

View more details on the Boden London Shop here>>

Mini Boden Kids review – how good are the girls and boys clothes?

First of all, I love colour and I just hate dressing kids in the typical colours ( yes pink for girls and blue for boys). Its just sooooooo plain boring for but go in any of the kids shops and you struggle to get anything nice but those colours.

Oh my word Mini Boden has some of the cutest stuff ever!! I’m talking heart print jeans , shorts with heart shaped pockets, tshirts with cups of tea or cupcakes on, everything is just perfect!!

I like kids to look like kids without overly glittery tatty stuff and this is why I like the Mini Boden clothing. What’s more it washes and last well and when my kids outgrow the stuff I just ebay it and they sell for good prices. I have sold Mini Boden dresses for more than the price I had purchased.

View the cutest stuff at Mini Boden here>>