Mini Boden Kids review – how good are the girls and boys clothes?

First of all, I love colour and I just hate dressing kids in the typical colours ( yes pink for girls and blue for boys). Its just sooooooo plain boring for but go in any of the kids shops and you struggle to get anything nice but those colours.

Oh my word Mini Boden has some of the cutest stuff ever!! I’m talking heart print jeans , shorts with heart shaped pockets, tshirts with cups of tea or cupcakes on, everything is just perfect!!

I like kids to look like kids without overly glittery tatty stuff and this is why I like the Mini Boden clothing. What’s more it washes and last well and when my kids outgrow the stuff I just ebay it and they sell for good prices. I have sold Mini Boden dresses for more than the price I had purchased.

View the cutest stuff at Mini Boden here>>

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