Asda George Great Bum Jeans Review

asda great bum jeans
I couldn’t resist these ones at £18 with all the buzz going round about on these Asda great bum jeans. These asda jeans are mearnt to help make your bum appear pert. The colour and the fabric is great, but just too bit long for me. Asda George should have made some of these in the petite range. The fitting at the waist was great but I left in the shop as it was little bit too long for me. I am still in two minds if I should buy it and just get the hem shortened. Well worth the £18 if you aren’t petite.

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Boden Walton-on-Thames Shop in Surrey – where is it?

boden walton

Boden Walton on Thames store is second and much nicer Boden shop. The London one isn’t as pleasing as this one so if you really have to go into Boden then head to Walton on Thames in Surrey. It is large with a good selection of clothing. It’s on two floors, women’s downstairs and kid’s upstairs.

Walton is a nice town with a good selection of shops. There’s also Kew next door and Costa Coffee nearby if those are your sort of things.

Assuming you have that time to get there, go in and make your mind on what you like and try the clothes and note sizing and colours then come on here to get the best voucher code and order it online. NEVER PAY BODEN FULL PRICE.

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Boden London Shop in Hanger Green – where is it?

boden london store

Right, if you have heaps of time, I will explain letter how you can get the best of both world by shopping for Boden online and going to their store. More on that later

The Boden shop is in Hanger Green, London is the original Boden store but location is one of the most inconvenient places possible and its not as nice as the other Boden Walton-on-Thames.

Assuming you have that time to get there, it can be a little strange to see all of the things from the catalogue in a real shop. Everything was laid out really nicely but couldn’t help feel it all looked a bit mumsy when shop is all Boden-y. I would however recommend it to anyone who is unsure of colours, because they are never the same as the book/internet. I was actually really shocked how different some of the items looked.

Now for those with time to visit Boden London shop this is how I would do it. Go in and make your mind on what you like and try the clothes and note sizing then come on here to get the best voucher code and order it online.

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Boden Skinny Jeans Reviews -yay or nay?

boden skinny jeans

Are Boden skinny jeans a nice fit and good quality you may be wonder?

I love them (well not all styles), they fit well & the quality is great. I hated the bootlegs as they go baggy on the thighs and just look a bit too dull. The skinny jeans and straight leg fit me very well and have one a couple of years old but are still going strong. The jeans do stretch a bit though so you may be better starting with a size down. Apart from that, they were a great style and plenty of colours to choose from. If you are smallish (up to size 12) go for the Johnnie B range, much cheaper than the main line.

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Johnnie B Boden Clothing Range – what’s the sizing and quality like?

johnnie b range

Alright, wondering what the Johnnie B sizing is like? While this range is aimed at teenage boys and girls, there are some lucky ladies out there who can squeeze in the Johnnie B range. If you are an adult over 5’3 and a size 10+, you will surely struggle to fit in. The Johnnie B skinny jeans are rather small unless you want your legs look like overstuffed sausages. However a size 8 adult of 5’3 should fit well in 30L skinny jeans from the Johnnie B range.

This Johnnie B range just is classic in that it is a bit more Marthas Vineyard (not that Ive ever been there!!) and not for those teens who like the BIG logos and look like an advert for the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch or Jack Wills.

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Boden Town Hall Clearance Sale 2011 – 2012 – should you go to this Boden Outlet?

There is a Boden townhall sale near you and you are still unsure if it is worth braving the crowds.

My answer: Its Horrendous, dont go, the bargains aren’t really worth it. I love Boden and went to one of these Townhall sales.

Even though I got there an hour early there was already a horrendous queue outside and inside it was a good half hour to pay. The place was packed, with clothes disappearing straight away, there were literally no decent clothes left at all within a couple of minutes. The staff were tipping out more and more bags of stock, all the time and attempting to sort it into some kind of size order and category, but the problem is that as they are tipping out and sorting the bags, there is an immediate feeding frenzy and stuff gets muddled up.

They Boden Townhall sales aren’t for the faint hearted (certainly not for me). If you are still detemined on going here are some tips to help you;
-sharpen your elbows you go and prepare for bunfights.
-get there early ( at least hours before) and be prepared for traffic as it’s not unusual for Boden town hall sales to clogging up the whole traffic in the whole town
-have a list of what you want and just grab everything as fast as you can and then sort out later what you don’t want

Though I love Boden – Town Hall clearance are just too much hassle for clothes. I wonder if these attract lots of ebay resellers who just grab whatever they find in whatever size they find.

If you wan’t bargains its best to wait for the sales (though the website crashes too) or use discount vouchers which are almost always available.

Up to 60% Off Boden Winter Sale

I am glad to tell you that the winter sale is now up to 60%.  New lines have been added.  Yippee!!



If that isn’t enough and you want something hot off the new season – READ ON!


Fancy a new wardrobe? Head over and see the NEW Spring Boden Collection. Boden are also offering 15% off with free delivery and returns.

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Have you been to the Boden Town Hall Clearance? Please tell us what you think.

Mini Boden Kids review – how good are the girls and boys clothes?

First of all, I love colour and I just hate dressing kids in the typical colours ( yes pink for girls and blue for boys). Its just sooooooo plain boring for but go in any of the kids shops and you struggle to get anything nice but those colours.

Oh my word Mini Boden has some of the cutest stuff ever!! I’m talking heart print jeans , shorts with heart shaped pockets, tshirts with cups of tea or cupcakes on, everything is just perfect!!

I like kids to look like kids without overly glittery tatty stuff and this is why I like the Mini Boden clothing. What’s more it washes and last well and when my kids outgrow the stuff I just ebay it and they sell for good prices. I have sold Mini Boden dresses for more than the price I had purchased.

View the cutest stuff at Mini Boden here>>

Boden Sizing – are Boden sizes generous?

Boden sizing

Wondering if Boden sizes are genorous or not? You may have looked at the Boden size chart and guide but still none the wiser. I’d say the sizes are on the generous side overall and yes Boden do run more on the biggers side but I have had trousers and skirts that were smallish or rather more true to size. The best is keep dresses, skirts and trousers true to size and order a size down for tops and t-shirts.

Get a tape measure, its a handy little thing when you order online. The great things about the Boden website is that one of the tabs (third tab) actually gives you the measurements of the garment, so you can see in terms of inches which size is going to work. I find it very helpful to look at the garment measurements and find out what the waist and hip (and length) measurements are and to compare with something in my wardrobe that fits well.

This is mearnt to be a proportionately shortened version of the garment not just trimming the hem off.

Get Boden correct sizing here>>

Boden Mid Season Sale + 15% off Discount Code

Right the Boden sale season is here. Secretly I am happy that nothing I have bought recently is on sale but here are the best picks of what’s on offer. Don’t foget to use the 15% off discount when you spend more than £120. Use Code AF2 offer in addition (This coupon has now expired but the amazing up to 60% sale in on right now

Click here to view the current 60% sale

Boden Mid Season Sale: My Top Picks

Here’s are some great picks from the sale

Boden Retro Knit Tunic Dress

This is a pretty dress. More detail here>>


Boden Mosaic Dress  

This is such a pretty dress for winter. Wear it with boots and tights and you’ll look dress
View the gorgeous dress here>> 

Boden Velvet Trim Trench Coat

Red is one of my favourite colours, wear it on a nice miserable day and it just brightens the mood. For colder days you can wear this with jumper or cardigan inside. View more detailing on this trench coat here>>


Boden Slim Flare Jeans 

Lovely jeans for understated elegance. View more details here>>


Boden Piped Shoe Boots  

The size of the heel means you can get a lot of wear out of it. More on the boots here>>


Mini Boden Mid Season Sale


Mini Boden Girls Printed Cardigan 

Mini Boden Girls Pretty Knitted Dress 

Mini Boden Girls Spotty Velvet Dress  

Mini Boden Boys College Zip Through 

Mini Boden Girls Big Print T-shirt