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Identifying you online

To personalise the services we offer, we need to know your email address. To personalise the online ordering service we need to know your email address and which country you would like your order delivered to.


We use cookies to identify your basket while you are visiting our site. Your browser should automatically delete the cookie shortly after you leave our site.

Your registration details

On Occasion we collect your registration details will be stored on our secure server. You will be able to access your details and amend them for future orders by entering your email address, without having to create a new registration each time.

About Security

We collect and store the email addresses of customers who join our email services. We do not, however, make those email addresses available to any third parties.

We may contact you on occasion about new products or services we think might be of interest to you. If you do not want to hear from us, please email us.

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